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Although Tyrone Poole’s for-profit football camps are popular with students, parents and coaches alike, Tyrone wanted to ensure that all young people could benefit from his camps – not just those who could afford them. So, he began to provide scholarships to under-served youth. That tradition continues today.

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Life Skills Seminars 

All Tyrone Poole Ultimate Success Life Skills Seminars have five components:

1.) Personality Assessment;

2.) Motivational Speaking;

3.) Study Guides;

4.) Role-Playing Skits; and,

5.) Fitness. Who better than a premiere athlete like Tyrone to know how much one’s physical condition can impact one’s mental s state. It is important that we all learn this as a young age.

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For privileged youth, summer is the most fun and exciting time of the year. However, for those in need, summer can mean a departure from the secure environment of school and the watchful, caring eyes of teachers. It also often means the absence of structure, exercise and healthy meals. So, as often as circumstances allow, The Tyrone Poole 39 Foundation extends its Life Skills Seminars into the summer, and even hosts special, summer programs with a more expanded social component. After all, young people deserve a safe haven all year long – not just when school is in session.

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