At the Tyrone Poole 38 Foundation, we support education in all its forms. From providing life skills, to mentoring, to scholarships, we know that early and life-long education is the key to individual and societal success. Some of our most popular endeavors include:                


    Life Skills Training

Based on his best-selling book, “Ultimate Success in the Game of Life,” Tyrone’s Ultimate Success Life Skills Seminars are popular with individual and corporate audiences throughout the U.S. and abroad. However, Tyrone did not want his seminars to be available only to adults, or only to those who could afford them. So, he

created a youth version of his seminars, and sought

underwriting from both corporations and governmental organizations to ensure a platform for delivering life skills to underserved communities.


Ranging from one to three days – and single occurrence to monthly/year-long programs – Ultimate Success Life Skills are particularly critical for at-risk, middle school children. Middle school is a turning point for most youth. It is during those formative years that they either fall victim to bad influences, or commit themselves to life-long, positive choices. So, Tyrone uses age-appropriate examples and role-playing skits to ensure his success principles have maximum impact.



The Father-Daughter Dance. Although much attention is paid to programs that mentor at-risk boys or “empower” girls, very few programs highlight the importance girls having positive, adult, male role models in their lives. In underserved communities, many young women grow up without a father. Their expectations of men can be low; and, this, in turn, often causes them to make poor choices. As the Father-Daughter Dance expands, we want to work with community centers, housing projects and other resources to pair positive male role models with the young ladies who need them.



Because Tyrone is the product of a historically-black college, he recognizes the critical role Historically Black Colleges and Universities play in the development of America’s future leaders. For this reason, the Tyrone Poole 38 Foundation, in cooperation with The Black Student Fund, provides a partial collegiate scholarship to one deserving high school senior each year. And, as the Tyrone Poole 38 Foundation continues to grow, we plan to add at least one additional scholarship each year.




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